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Filmmaker: Wade LottDirector: Wade LottWriter: Wade LottMusic: Brandy AikenCasting: Jean-Paul Petersen, James Eckhouse, James Pickens Jr., Garret Dillahunt, Jamie Chung, Robert Forster, Lee Tergesen, Bill Erwin, Frances Fisher, B.D. WongPlot: Three friends on an adventurous road trip/bachelor party in Spain learn some lessons about themselves and each other that will change them forever. I’ve always thought A Road Trip would have been better off a comedy. I don’t think it would have really worked out in a funny way as the movie it eventually ended up as. But the premise was definitely interesting, as a vacation and road trip are two things that don’t necessarily inspire high laughs. The first half of the movie is very awkward as the three friends go on an adventure to Spain. The thing that makes this movie awkward is the fact that you get to see the character’s personalities in action so there is not a lot of humor. The awkwardness is in the air from the start as you get to see how the characters operate. It is especially noticeable when the characters are traveling by bus and they are forced to be around people who are different than them. The awkwardness intensifies as the characters arrive in Spain and get more and more out of their comfort zones as they spend more time with others. They are thrown into situations that seem to force them to lose their inner personalities, which causes them to become a little more desperate. It is in this desperate state that the characters learn some interesting things about themselves and each other. In a way, you feel like the movie is trying to teach a lesson about how you should be a little more flexible and open to life’s adventures. The conclusion is a bit too abrupt. The characters leave Spain and head back home. They experience a lot of things and learn some things about themselves and each other, but then they get home and live another day. It is a little too easy. A Road Trip is a bit of a mixed bag. It does keep your attention, but as a comedy, it would have been more interesting if the characters were more ridiculous. I’m still going to recommend this movie. Summary: A young criminal's fate is in the hands of a last-minute spectator to a robbery. Cast: Chris Klein, Che




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